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 HMS Fearless (CL-56)

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HMS Fearless (CL-56)
HMS Fearless (CL-56) HMS_Fearless

Fearless was originally commissioned in 1820 PD. In 1898 PD, Alistair McKeon was assigned to the ship as the tactical officer. In 1899 PD, McKeon was promoted to Executive officer. Fearless went to HMSS Hephaestus for a refit, which Lieutenant Commander McKeon oversaw.

In 1900 PD the Fearless was refit as part of a top-secret experimental installation of the grav lance at the behest of Admiral Sonja Hemphill and the Weapons Development Board. The grav lance's systems were tied directly into the main tactical system. It was relatively huge for a ship the size of a light cruiser, so much of the conventional broadside armament was removed. The Fearless' four graser mounts were removed, as well as all but two of the broadside missile tubes. To partially compensate, 14 lower mass energy torpedo launchers were added. The chase armaments remained unchanged. (HH1)

Commander Honor Harrington was placed in command of the refitted Fearless within moments after graduating from the Advanced Tactical Course by Admiral Raoul Courvosier to get the ship ready for the war games.

Fearless was placed under Admiral of the Red Hemphill's command and in the defender fleet. The Fearless was able to "destroy" the aggressor flagship of the HMS King Roger, but in subsequent "battles", the Fearless was destroyed every time. Still, Harrington's crew was able to "destroy" two other ships.

After the successful completion of the war games, Fearless was sent to be re-supplied and assigned to the picket station at Basilisk, where it rendezvoused with HMS Warlock. Fearless later deployed an customs inspection team at Basilisk Traffic Control, and deployed recon drones as a sensor network. The ship went into orbit of Medusa as the main base of operations for the RMN in the system. Around that time, it also met with a Royal Courier carrying Klaus Hauptmann.

Fearless' crew investigated the PMSS Sirius, and discovered that the vessel lied about their status. Captain Harrington stopped a Havenite courier boat from leaving the system by damaging the courier's beta nodes with its impeller wedge. When the Sirius left orbit, the Fearless sent out LME-970, Case: Zulu, which meant that an invasion was imminent, followed Sirius and attempted to stop the vessel, which turned around and attacked. Fearless destroyed Sirius with the grav lance, but was heavily damaged and received numerous casualties in the battle, which became known as the First Battle of Basilisk.

Fearless "limped" back to Medusa, and informed the Resident Commissioner of the battle. The ship was repaired by Fleet Maintenance Vessels and went to HMSS Hephaestus, where it was greeted by HMS King Roger, who acknowledged it by flashing her running lights. The Manticore Anthem was played when the Fearless returned from Medusa. However, the ship was deemed too old and too expensive to repair, and put on the scrap list. It was towed to a Orbital Recovery Station to be scrapped.

Following the action at Basilisk, the name Fearless was placed on the List of Honor and Harrington was given command of its successor, the Star Knight-class heavy cruiser HMS Fearless (CA-286). (HH1;HH2)

Known Crew

  • Captain Rath- Previous CO
  • Commander Honor Harrington - Commanding officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Alistair McKeon- Executive officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Dominica Santos - Chief Engineer
  • Lieutenant Allen Manning - Engineering officer
  • Lieutenant (Senior Grade) Maxwell Stromboli- Astrogator
  • Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Rafael Cardones - Assistant tactical officer
  • Lieutenant Andreas Venizelos - Tactical officer
  • Lieutenant Samuel Webster - Communications officer
  • Lieutenant Ariella Blanding - Supply officer
  • Lieutenant Mercedes Brigham - Sailing master
  • Lieutenant Panowski - Assistant Astrogator
  • Lieutenant Illona Rierson - Engineering
  • Ensign Prescott Tremaine - Boat bay officer
  • Ensign Wolversham
  • Surgeon Commander Lois Suchon - Senior ship's doctor
  • Surgeon Lieutenant Fritz Montoya - Ship's doctor

Enilsted Personnel
  • Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate Sally MacBride - Bosun
  • Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate Sally MacBride - Bosun
  • Chief Petty Officer Braun - Quartermaster
  • Chief Petty Officer Killian - Helmsman
  • Petty Officer Horace Harkness - Missile Technician
  • Coxswain Third Class Ruth Kleinmuller - Pinnace Pilot
  • Steward First Class James MacGuiness - Steward to Captain Harrington
  • Angela Earnhardt - Engineering
  • Jeffries
  • Lowell
  • Mathison
  • Stevens - Engineering
  • Yountz

Marine Detachment Officers
  • Captain (RMMC) Nikos Papadapolous - Marine detachment commander
  • Lieutenant Liam Kilgore - Third Platoon CO

Marine Enlisted Soldiers
  • Sergeant Major Jenkins
  • Sergeant Tadeuz O'Brian - Third Platoon
  • Sergeant Howell - Third Platoon Heavy Weapons CO
  • Sergeant Regiano - Fourth Platoon
  • Corporal Sharon Hillyard - Third Platoon
  • Corporal William Levine - Third Platoon
  • Ellen - Third Platoon
  • Frankowski
  • Hadley - Third Platoon Gunner
  • Sharon Koenig
  • Lovejoy
  • Parker
  • Stimson - Third Platoon Gunner
  • Turner

HMS Fearless (CL-56) Torcom_rocket_logo
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HMS Fearless (CL-56)
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