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 Halo Uprising Storms Earth

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PostSubject: Halo Uprising Storms Earth   Halo Uprising Storms Earth Icon_minitimeTue 24 Feb 2009, 12:36 am

Halo Uprising Storms Earth ThumbnailHalo Uprising Storms Earth

With the first two issues of Marvel Entertainments "Halo Uprising" comic book mini-series selling on mass, fans were ecstatic to hear that issue three had been announced - spear headed by the Eisner Award-winning and arguably the world's greatest comic book writer, Brian Michael Bendis. When asked to write for this comic book adaptation, Bendis known for his phenomenal work on Ultimate Spiderman, Daredevil and the New Avengers said he was "honoured" to add to Halo lore.
Based on the events occurring between Halo 2 and Halo 3, Uprising follows not only the tail of Master Chief, but also the events surrounding Colonel James Ackerson and his whereabouts on Mars. However the plot has been questioned by the fans as the focus has been put on Earth and its human dwellers, rather than Master Chief and his action packed adventures. This being said, the comic is sure to continue its success into issue three and four.

With illustrator Alex Maleeve, drawing in a way only he can, the illustrations in Uprising are one of the comic books major selling points, and with his new and fresh approach Maleeve captures Master Chief and his cohorts in a way few could ever imagine. Whilst many may be sceptical of Maleeve’s style, all who read the pilot of Halo Uprising will be astounded by the opening illustrations and are sure to be happy that he was chosen for this great adaptation.

A graphic novel is due after the release of Uprising issue four, which will hit stores on March 9th. Halo Uprising issue three will be available in stores from March 5th.

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Halo Uprising Storms Earth
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