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 Tor Books Update on The Wheel of Time

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PostSubject: Tor Books Update on The Wheel of Time   Tor Books Update on The Wheel of Time Icon_minitimeThu 26 Mar 2009, 11:00 pm

Pertaining to recent developments in WoT-land regarding a leaked cover to the next Wheel of Time book, Tor Books sent me and Dragonmount the following note:

Tor Books wrote:
Hello everyone! We wanted to clarify a few points for the ongoing discussions:

There is no cover for the next Wheel of Time book available yet. The formal Wheel of Time update has been scheduled to release two weeks before JordanCon, with personal words from Harriet McDougal and Tom Doherty. This is going to be an exciting year, so we appreciate your patience and enthusiasm!

Check out Sci-Fi-Fantasyfan and on Monday morning

So, stay tuned for further developments next week.

Brandon Sanderson who is writing the last installment of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time had this to say about the leaked book cover and title:
Brandon Sanderson wrote:
After getting some internal emails from Tor, I'm really thinking that my conclusion last night was true. This is not the cover, but a rough mock-up done quickly by production to have something to show at meetings. It was never supposed to go outside of Tor, and is NOT the final cover, not even close to it. I'll bet this is just a sketch Mr. Sweet did showing potential cover ideas. It might not even be him doing the art--it's too small to tell.

Tor is planning a press release about AMoL talking about the title, the number of volumes, and that sort of thing. We won't see it until early next week, however, because of issues of timing with the major news sources. They moved it up from late in the week to early in the week, but that's the best they could do. Until then, don't panic. There is truth to some of the rumors, but there is also a lot of bad information going around.

Tor Books Update on The Wheel of Time Torcom_rocket_logo
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Tor Books Update on The Wheel of Time
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