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 More on Book Twelve A Gathering Storm.

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PostSubject: More on Book Twelve A Gathering Storm.   Mon 30 Mar 2009, 10:57 pm

Well Guy's and Gal's it's official. Book Twelve A memory of Light Will be split up into three books the first being The Gathering Storm. The following book cover image should be taken with a grain of salt as it has NOT been officially sanctioned by Tor Books, Harriet, nor Brandon Sanderson as the actual artwork for the book cover. I personally think that it was something Photoshoped but then again I have been wrong on occasion. (oh, alright a lot of times!)

This image might not be the actual book cover

Well anyway Dragonmount had interviewed Harriet today about her thoughts on this three book split and here is that interview in full for your reading pleasure.

Harriet & Jason from wrote:

An interview with Harriet Rigney
March 26, 2009

About this interview
In light of the recent announcement from Tor Books that A Memory of Light would be split into three seperate parts, a lot of people have questioned how that decision came about. To find out, I sent some questions to Harriet via email, and she was kind enough to reply. -

Thank you, Harriet, for agreeing to answer some questions about A MEMORY OF LIGHT.

It's always a pleasure to talk to you, Jason.

How did the decision to divide this final book into three parts come about? Was it a publishing necessity, a story necessity, or something else?

The material that Jim left was very capacious, and Brandon saw after working with it for a while that he could not complete it in less than a total of 750,000 words. This is probably an impossible thing to bind - unless we sold it with a magnifying glass. 250,000 words is in fact a fat, or Rubensesque, novel. You will notice that 3 x 250,000 equals 750,000. So... part of the decision was based on making a book within the scope of binding technology. The major part of the decision was to get ALL the story that Jim left out there for us all.

Besides its length, how will this novel compare to the other books in the series? For example, will the themes and tone be darker than previous books?

We are moving towards Tarmon Gai'don, so of course there is some darkening.

You've had the opportunity to edit a number of excellent writers. What's it like working with Brandon? Has he met all of your expectations?

Brandon has more than met my expectations. He is a VERY GOOD writer, and a wonderful professional to work with.

This is a unique collaboration with you, Brandon, Alan and Maria contributing. How does that all work? What roles to Alan and Maria play?

Maria and Alan both fill the role of continuity editors. Alan is a demon on maps, layouts and time line. And Maria works on a huge variety of stuff - who's in the Black Ajah, who's MAYBE Black Ajah, who CAN'T be Black Ajah --.and checking that the facts about the characters are all right.

I am the maniac about whether the characters read like the PEOPLE they are. And line editing.

When Brandon gives us this final draft I will be doing the ornaments and chapter titles (as I did mostly for Jim.)

So Brandon gets three responses on the stuff, not just one.

How do you think Jim would feel about the way the book is being handled, both writing it and publishing it?

I think he would be pleased. He very definitely wanted the series finished, you know. And it is being handled with love by all concerned. Alan has worked with us for eight years, and Maria for twelve, and love of the books is an old habit of theirs - as it is of mine. And it is an old habit of Brandon's, too, as you can see in the wonderful eulogy he wrote when Jim died.

For Knife of Dreams, Jim teased fans in advance by telling us that there would be a "gasp" moment. Is there a similar story moment that you're especially pleased with that we can look forward to?

Yes. RAFO.

What impact does fan support have, if any, in the making of this novel?

The various sites that have followed the books are very helpful. There is such a LOT of material that every bit of cross-checking is great.

And the strong support for Jim's memory is wonderful. A very real comfort and help.

Besides A MEMORY OF LIGHT, do you have any other projects planned?

Yes. There will be an Encyclopedia of The Wheel of Time, due to Tor in manuscript twelve months after delivery of the final book. In the immediate future are the comics (to be combined in graphic novels) coming from the Dabel brothers and Tor Books. THE EYE OF THE WORLD comic Issue Zero is expected this May.

It's been a year and a half now. How are you doing?

Thanks for asking. I'm doing okay. The first year was awful. A dear friend said , "All this work to be done is his last gift to you", and that has certainly been the case. Lots of stuff to do is a great help in turning one's attention out into the world, and away from one's own grief.

Thanks Harriet and Jason for this interview. has been the longest running website for A Wheel of Time and worked very closely with RJ and Harriet. As you can tell Jason and Harriet both enjoy a great report with each other and for a long while was the host for RJ's blogs.

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More on Book Twelve A Gathering Storm.
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