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 A Memory of Light Progress

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PostSubject: A Memory of Light Progress   Sat 09 May 2009, 10:09 pm

A Memory of Light Progress Bar FAQ

A lot of people have had questions about what these percentage bars mean in relation to A Memory of Light (the final book of the Wheel of Time.)

With the recent announcement of the books being split, I've decided to split off the three separate books, since it will give people a much better view of what is happening. Therefore, "Shifting Winds" is the working title of the second book of the three-book cycle. Note that this title WILL change. Originally, I intended this title to be a sub-title beneath the larger title of A MEMORY OF LIGHT. It was meant to be unobtrusive. Now, the books are each going to carry their own titles, and so Shifting Winds just doesn't work. I'll let you know when the real title is settled upon. (The third book of the three will likely be given the title A MEMORY OF LIGHT.)

I anticipate Shifting Winds being around 300k words long. 1%, then, equals 3,000 words. (For reference, 300k words was about the length of EYE OF THE WORLD.)

Though I've got a large chunk of the book done already, it's going to be slow going because of the amount of revision I'm going to need to do. These sections are among the roughest I wrote last year, and I need to work on them a lot. I'm shooting for November as a goal to have the entire book completed.

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A Memory of Light Progress
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