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PostSubject: About Us -- Sci-fi Fantasy Fan   About Us -- Sci-fi Fantasy Fan Icon_minitimeSat 28 Jun 2008, 10:23 pm

Sci-fi Fantasy Fan was an idea for a forum that had been burning holes in the back of my head for years. The idea was to have just one site to go to to chat about these types of books and to have Specific Fan Forums for those truly great Authors and Titles with out having to go to other sites and fan zones. So Basically Sci-Fi Fantasy Fan is a, or hopes to be, a one stop Fan forum.

Being the prolific reader that I am, and the intense admiration for those writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels who share their imaginations with us, I've decided to do what I thought hadn't been done yet and that was to create a web site that covers everyone's interests in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. A non topic specific site that could grow and grow and grow. After putting this together (and, had I googled Sci-Fi/Fantasy the first time: there's several of these sites out there already) I realized what a huge endeavor I had started on.

Well anyway, here it is. Well whats started anyway. This site is yours and the options are limitless. I myself enjoy the Epics and large series of novels myself and thats why you see the site as a somewhat "the targeted look". As you can tell I am a fanatic of Dune, Battlestar Galatica, The Wheel of time (a must read by the way), Tolkien, and a few others. I assure you that that is not my intention here.

Well to be perfectly honest about it, my imagination just ended once I opened the site up to create the first category of the boards. So, if you see a direction the site should go, a new topic thats needed, a sub-forum for a specific Author, Movie, Title, Game, or what have you, just let me know via the Questions and Suggestions forum. If you have a particular skin that should be made available let me know and if you have a link to a site that would help in giving any ideas for a skin then again, let me know. After all, this is your site to enjoy and to discuss the subjects that you enjoy... Science Fiction and Fantasy.

We want you to have a "Home Base" to go to rather than a list of web-sites that you'll need to navigate to get there and possibly lose your thought along the way.

The categories that I've put into place are not etched in stone either. So if you see a better way to organize the site again, just let me know. Be a forum contributor with your thoughts and suggestions and feel the ownership behind your ideas as the site begins to grow.

Thanks for being here and have a great time.
Sci-Fi Fantasy Fan
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About Us -- Sci-fi Fantasy Fan
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