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 Realms of Fantasy Sold

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PostSubject: Realms of Fantasy Sold   Realms of Fantasy Sold Icon_minitimeWed 18 Mar 2009, 4:28 pm

Realms of Fantasy Sold 2609786077_f0a220ddd8_oFrom

By Ian Randal Strock

Tir Na Nog Press just purchased Realms of Fantasy from Sovereign
Media, and already has a brief web site available at (they're planning to have a much more elaborate web site soon). Publisher Warren Lapine feels it's much more important to get things running quickly—since the deal just happened—rather than spend more time behind the scenes. Lapine said, "This is a win-win for everyone. I think Sovereign Media is really happy to be able to leave the magazine to the field, and I'm really happy to keep such an important magazine publishing."
Lapine is not anticipating any changes that will be visible to the public. Realms will continue paying authors the same rates, on acceptance, and leave the editors in place. He hopes to have his first issue out in May. "Our plan is to miss only one issue. The next on the schedule would have been 15 March, and for obvious reasons, that's not going to happen."

There is already an inventory of stories that are being transferred in the deal, so filling the next issue won't be a rush job.

Editor Shawna McCarthy told SFScope, "I'm thrilled and delighted and looking forward to working with Warren. It's a ray of good news in an otherwise gloomy world. I'm really very happy with the deal." She's not sure if they'll be able to get the May issue out; a lot will depend on what's in inventory and has artwork, because it's a pretty short deadline, but she said "we'll see; we'll do our best."

Following up on Lapine's earlier announcement of Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, the new purchase means he will not be launching a new magazine right now. Instead, subscribers to the former DNA magazines will have their subscriptions continued with Realms.

[Added later in the day: especially for writers who have, had, or hope to have stories in the submission process with Realms, Assistant Editor Douglas Cohen has posted this comprehensive Q&A regarding submissions to the magazine. In short, they're not open to new submissions yet.

SFScope originally announced the magazine's closing in this article in January. For the complete story of the magazine's death (and now, rebirth), see these previous stories: More on the death of Realms of Fantasy, Rumor control regarding Realms of Fantasy, Douglas Cohen's thoughts, and final inventory, of Realms of Fantasy, and Still more on the stories in Realms of Fantasy's inventory.

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Realms of Fantasy Sold
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