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 Books in the Honor Harrington Series

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PostSubject: Books in the Honor Harrington Series   Books in the Honor Harrington Series Icon_minitimeFri 21 Nov 2008, 12:34 am

Main series (novels):

  1. On Basilisk Station ( 1993 Mass market paperback, 1999 Hardcover)
  2. The Honor of the Queen (ISBN 0-671-57864-2, Copyright 1993 by David Weber, First hardcover printing, March 2000)
  3. The Short Victorious War (1994)
  4. Field of Dishonor (1994)
  5. Flag in Exile (1995)
  6. Honor Among Enemies (1996)
  7. In Enemy Hands (1997)
  8. Echoes of Honor (1998)
  9. Ashes of Victory (2000)
  10. War of Honor (2002)
  11. At All Costs (2005)

Worlds of Honor sub-series anthologies:

  1. More Than Honor (1998): stories by David Weber, David Drake, S. M. Stirling plus an Honorverse background history, and including the story in which a central species first becomes known to humans; (3 stories total).

  2. Worlds of Honor (1999): stories by David Weber (two stories), Linda Evans, Jane Lindskold and Roland J. Green; (5 stories total).

  3. Changer of Worlds (2001): stories by David Weber (three stories) and Eric Flint; (4 stories total) Also contains the short story "Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington".

  4. The Service of the Sword (2003) by David Weber, Jane Lindskold, Timothy Zahn, John Ringo and Victor Mitchell (co-written), John Ringo and Eric Flint; (6 stories total). Originally, this book was to have been titled In Fire Forged.

Wages of Sin sub-series:

  1. Crown of Slaves (2003) with Eric Flint a departure type work, the setting is outside Manticore space for these stories based on the Zilwicki family, who were mentioned in earlier works.

  2. Crown of Slaves 2 (working title, planned release in 2008)

Saganami sub-series:

  1. The Shadow of Saganami (2004) In this first novel the action happens in the Talbott Cluster, newly discovered to be connected to Manticore via a junction terminus, and involves the naval career of Helen Zilwicki mentioned in earlier works.

  2. Storm from the Shadows (planned release in 2009)

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Books in the Honor Harrington Series
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